Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Can't We All Get Along?

As part of diversity training, I watched a movie in which 2 latinos, 2 asians, 2 blacks and 2 caucasians discussed race. What impressed me the most was that the caucasians were truly ignorant of the problems that minorities face. And I have come to believe that most caucasians really are ignorant. Until the day they decide that there is something wrong with American society, their eyes will remain closed. For those who wish to research this further, I suggest Ron Takaki as a starting point. Then look at colonization of Philippines, Cuba, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

And of course we come to this thread which is nowhere near any flamewar I have seen in the newsgroups of alt.tasteless or soc.culture.filipino. If we all remember the Toastmaster credo "Your opinion is yours and yours alone," we can all get along like Rodney King.

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