Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Commentators without Blogs

I was going to leave this in Ron Silliman's blog, but did not. I figure, I should hold to my rule. Never discuss anything with people unless they have shown intelligence. Otherwise, you just get mired in shit.


I just went through the comments section looking for blogs so that I can gain an understanding of the demons which plague the posters here.

To be blunt, you all suck. For all the pomposity and grandiosity of the comments, I would have expected rational and tight-knit blogs which discussed things that you hold important and dear. Instead, I am faced with emptiness. The emptiness that resonates in the hollowness of your non-existent blogs. It says so much about the posters, doesn't it?

How can I expect to take you all seriously when I can not even find any interesting material any of you has posted in your blogs?

It is easy to dismiss Filipinos who are bitching and moaning about the injustices of the American system or government. it is easy to tell them to go home. Why don't you read the blogs to understand the logic?

But I'll throw the glove at all of you. You write a blog to examine America and how your poetry matters in this world. Then, leave me a note in my blog after you have filled one year's worth of self-examination and introspection. Maybe then there can be some discussion.

Besides Ron Silliman and Eileen and maybe one or two, no one has really written publicly about their thoughts and their logic. Pure disappointment.

Respectfully yours, Tatang.

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Okir said...

Thanks for your posts, Rhett -- on your blog, and elsewhere. As for me, I've said my piece (for now). I realize that some people operate like vampires; they drop their insult bait, and wait for people to expend their energy in anger. Then they lap it up -- their hunger for attention is endless.

I'm not going to be sucked into that any further.