Sunday, March 12, 2006

Work and Evaluations

The past year has been going by too quickly. You must have seen the change in the things that I write. I don't complain as much as I used to complain. I am not as negative as before. The change in work place from the photofinishing store to the law firm has certainly contributed to it. However, I should note that interestingly enough, some people are not happy at the law firm. As to why they are not happy, I will elaborate on later.

Suffice it to say that my evaluation for the year was given to me. And for the first time, I was satisfied. Apparently, for the office, if you get a meets expectation, you are already doing well. I was also told that my name was getting known and getting attention from management as someone who gets things done. I am at the very least ecstatic about some sort of recognition for me. I work hard at the law firm researching and writing and supporting the principals. It's good to know that I am appreciated.

Which of course brings me to two weeks ago when my supervisor and the most senior person in the group went on vacation. I was thrust into the forefront of things. I had hoped for a quiet week, but it was not to be. Certain lawsuits had to be accelerated and said lawsuits were then handed to me.

I did not mind the work, but the fact that it was something not in my area was of concern at first. But after some research in google, I managed to figure out things. And once more, I managed to cope and address the issues. More importantly, I was able to ask my fellow group mates to support and address the other issues which were of primary concern for the management.

As a prize for the way I managed and coped, I bought myself the La Cie d2 DVD burner, which at this very moment is burning away in the computer alcove. I finally managed to figure out how to create DVDs and companion material.

The voyage continues. I now have different goals than when I was an undergraduate or graduate student. Actually, the goal is still the same. To be happy and have the capacity to enjoy life. I have an interesting workplace and I am in the process of trying to get a teaching position somewhere else. I think that would be a good one.

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