Thursday, March 02, 2006

Freedom In America

As I prepare my papers for naturalization, I am forced to reflect upon how America conducts itself in the current political situation with Iraq. I can only shake my head at the blunders and mistakes that are made by this administration. I am appalled by the lack of intelligence and common sense. And yes, I am worried that maybe I might not be allowed to be naturalized because of what I write. But, is not the true test of being American the ability to write about stuff when there is pressure for you to remain silent?

The current New Yorker issue of Feb 27, 2006 has an article on the stupid and idiotic decision by the Bush cabinet to exempt Taliban captives from the rules of the Geneva convention. Any piss poor schmoe at the liquor store knows this is bullshit. But, the bush administration uses "legal logic" created by John Yoo to substantiate its policy.

And to think, I wanted to be like John Yoo. I figured, here's an intelligent Asian guy who can be a role model. But as I learn about what he has done, I basically marvel at his ability to burn the bill of rights for humans. Forget American constitution, this guy is burning the declaration of the rights for man. Amazing…

Anyway, as I listen to Tuhan's voice, "It’s not the politics you should be concerned about. Are you making money." Cortisol is indeed coursing through my veins right now. And I smile and say that I choose to be happy. But I point my finger at the idiocy of the current administration.

Part of me feels frustrated. The other part just wants to look at the stocks.

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