Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Studying Caucasians

Bwahahahha. My response for this post.

On Lilac...She said: "IF, this poet desires to continue on in the vicious and ridiculous world of poetry, she had better thicken her skin." I always had difficulty with irony and sarcasm. Which one was Lilac using?

Was Lilac being ironic in her whole demand to be taken off Ron's list? Was she being sarcastic in stating that Ron was being insensitive and naive about Muslims? Because, you know, I have met Muslims. Muslim-Filipinos. They are very different from Lilac. The Muslims I have met are nicer.

I have recently taken to studying white people or caucasians as some would call them. They are a perplexing lot. They seem to have these irrational sexuality and personal issues which get resolved through world dominance and colonization. The amazing part to me is that they are often not very educated about the history of their own country. Even more so, they often take no responsibility for the actions of the American government.

Please continue the bull session as you Americans call it. It is very educational for a colonized mind like me.

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