Sunday, March 19, 2006


Over the last two weeks, I have gone back to the kitchen with a vengeance. About 1990 to 1995, I was a cooking fiend. I could cook a decent meal with the BBQ sauce on the side and the oven behind me. In fact, I did a Ph.D. on BBQing tri-tip loin. But when my oven went bust, I had to change my life style. I started in on eating spaghettie, bread and other non-oven related foods.

The recent decision to change my eating habits has led to my new activity of cooking. I realized that if I wanted to live to 80 years old, I needed to change the eating habits of Chinese food, red meats, etc, etc. I began to slowly cook with the bok-choy as my first topic. I realized that sautéing the vegetable was pretty easy.

Next, we tried some Indian food. I cooked a chicken curry. Unfortunately, the curry looked good, but I did not have the right mix of curry. So what happened was a good looking curry but tasteless. Back to the drawing board I think.

Today, it was fried chicken. To be truthful though, it started out as chicken BBQ. It's just that I made a mistake of not heating the pan enough. Instead of searing the chicken, I just dried it out. Next time, I will pay more attention.

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