Thursday, March 02, 2006



At work, the two senior lawyers are on vacation. However, the senior partners decided that certain issues are to be elevated and closed. I thought of it as a challenge. A way of thinking in fact. A change in my thinking. Someone said "How can you be so calm?" The mind is the key. I am stressed, but you do your best. You keep timetables. You request and request again.

I breathe and breathe again. I do my training and I balance. This is the key. Their needs are just as important as mine.

I also pulled in the other group members. This has certainly made it easier on me. They also get valuable training in how to do their job on the stress factor of high. Most joke about the supervisor being on vacation . They joke that this was a conspiracy and that they planned it. I don't believe it. I believe that this is just the plan.

I achieved team leadership skills by pulling cross-functional members into a cohesive project team by virtual internet. No meeting. Wow.

Did I mention that these issues were only given this Monday? Yup, we're doing well. Pat on the back. For this I deserve a prize. Maybe those hiking boots.

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