Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lino Brocka

When I left the Philippines, Lino Brocka was the leading director of the country. A few weeks ago, I was able to watch the movie Oropronobis. Thinking about it now, the movie was filmed after the Marcos downfall. The film criticized the Philippine government after martial law. I suppose it was because everyone expected that it was Marcos and Marcos alone who was holding the Philippines back. The truth of the matter is that everyone in the PHilippines has a hand in the situation. It was not one dictator alone.

As for Brocka, he died in a car accident. Car accident? After watching Oropronobis, I am thinking of a conspiracy. Put simply, the movie Oropronobis is such a nasty critique of the government that I can imagine a scoundrel ordering Lino's death. Sadly, that can be the way things happen in the Philippines. All it takes is the will.

I have scoured the internet for Oropronobis, but there are no copies of the movie. It should be required viewing for teen-agers and high school students.


mong said...

oo nga dapat i-require sa mga students ang film. kaso hanggang ngayon bawal pa rin ito ipalabas sa commercial cinemas. panay mga special screenings lang sa mga skuls like UP...

Anonymous said...

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