Thursday, October 30, 2003

Apol the Great

Aha! I was successful in actually finding a noteworthy blog that is written in Tagalog. Alleluiah!

Check out

Apol the Great's blog. I had to wade through a nearly endless stream of teen-ager crap just to get to this blog. But guess what! It is all worth it. Now, if only that medical technologist from Saudi Arabia can start posting about his life and views in Saudi, I would be eternally happy.

I wanted my son to be named after Apolinario Mabini. Let's face it, I am not about to name my son after any of the apostles. The names are too common and that is just not a good thing. I want the kids to be able to distinguish themselves and to learn that they are individuals. Actually, I thought that another great name would be Bonifacio. But I have met people who's nickname was "Boni". Well, that just sent shivers up my spine.

Apolinario Bonifacio

What do you all think? Is that unique enough? Hmm, maybe too unique. Like those who are named Bayani. They usually end up running from their destinies. Maybe something less assuming. Where's that baby name book when you need it?

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