Thursday, October 30, 2003

Joey Ayala

I heard about Joey Ayala through my SO. It turns out that she had driven him around when he was visiting Northern California in the mid-1990's. Sometime in 2001, Joey came over to the United States sponsored by Pusod an environmental group based in Berkeley, California.

The "Organik" CD is eye-opening . I personally believe that Joey is a genius. He has the ability to tell the story of Pin@ys wherever they might reside. Stories about love, life and the experiences of Pin@ys in America make up bulk of the songs in Organik. The first time I heard the CD was like seeing the world being born. For the first time, I understood genius when it came to music. I have always been a visual person. To see things in a new light or in a new way was something that I had already experienced many times. But to be stimulated aurally. That was something new. Then, to be stimulated by the words of music.

[Sidebar: In general, I don't pay as much attention to the background music of my life. If you look at Sunny Vergara's latest blog entries, you will see that he pays attention to the music in his life. I mean, Sunny gives rundown on 1983 as a great and not-so-great year in music with respect to the artists and their records.]

Granted, Organik is a mixture of old songs and new songs. However, I believe this record is in the realm of those rare records like the Beatle's "White Album." The song "Bathala" is personally one of my favorites. I suggested to the SO that they will play that song when I enter the church during the wedding ceremony. The SO over-ruled me on that. She wanted the song for the Communion part of the mass.

Joey, you will make it to the wedding in 2005, right?

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