Monday, June 07, 2004

busy as usual

i am busy as usual. there seems to be a ton of material that need to be done soon or if not soon, by tomorrow. The weekend was such a breather that I was very happy to savor it.

i decided to purchase a car. nothing fancy. a honda accord LX used or new. I hope it does not get more than $20K. I can live with the payments if it is around $350. Anything else and it might be excessive. I never had a car before, although we do have cars from city carshare. but my commute is more excessive now than before.

add to that the fact that I really need to stay later and later at work and you have the makings of stress. stress, i must remember is a construct from my expectations. but in reality, the present condition i have now is temporary. all things are temporary. thus, i can do my best and that should be sufficient.

i hope your week is a great week. i know that mine will be great because i will persevere even under the conditions like these.

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