Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Stomach Rumbling

Lately, my stomach has been rumbling and tumbling. I don't know why. I have been eating my veggies like a good boy. And still the rumbling continues. I suppose I should be embarassed because other people hear it. But really, isn't it a normal process?

I have been driving now to work for two days. The first day was a dream. The drive was not like a drive. Today was more insane because the lanes merged more and it was more complicated in terms of merging. But thanks to St. Jude, I am still around happily typing away.

I am basically saving about two hours each day with the car. When I got to work yesterday, I was not tired; I was ready for work. When I left, I was tired, but when I got home, I was not totally washed out. In fact, I cheated and I drove around the SO and our friend D to ice cream. Yum! They were willing to go to ice cream because they will try to cleanse out their bodies with the lemonade only diet. I don't think I will be joining them because with the work stuff, I just need all the food I can get. I have been lowering my food intake however. And I am now trying to find the gym to work out in.

But back to the car, and now I can also write. While riding BART, I could not write as much as I wanted to. The ride was not letting me concentrate. Instead, I read the daily newspaper. Now, I don't have to buy the paper and don't have to keep up with the silliness of the world.

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