Thursday, June 17, 2004

Wedding invitation list

Last night was a scheduled one for the SO and me. We were supposed to make the list of all the guests. It turns out that I had to give the people I was inviting. Sadly enough, I don't even think I broke fifty people for the invite. But it did not help that I was drinking a glass of wine from Dutch Henry, which is a gallop and a hop away from Achilles of the hills.

As the days grow nearer to our wedding, I begin to see why people become so stressed out over a wedding. The bride and groom might not care about having everything going off just so, but everyone else is. From guest lists and what not to other things, people seem to overblow the importance of it. I myself do the very same thing. For example, for the wedding invitations, I wanted some invites that had the layered look like a wedding cake. I wanted a bookstyle invitation. Really, how many people will look at that invitation over and over again?

And then, we got the questionnare from the church. Why do I want a CAtholic wedding? Why at this particular church?

Interesting questions, no? I said that Catholicism is my religion. I have looked around, and I have seen the many faces of God. I am satisfied that the Catholic religion can give me guidance in facing life's questions. As for the church, the SO went to school there. She turned out to be an extra-ordinary individual so I figure that is a good enough place.

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