Saturday, June 12, 2004

Honda Accord LX

Today, I will be buying my first car. I have always wanted a car, but I have never been able to afford the monthly payments. Furthermore, it is the Bay Area and public transportation has been quite decent. It's not like New York where you can rely on the subway and taxis, and where the parking is insane.

I get an Accord. I tried looking for other cars. The only other one that I really considered was the Toyota Camry. But the SO suggested that her family is a Honda family. I liked the Camry because it looked like a tank. The Accord can still look a little sporty for my taste.

I'm just getting the LX model. No leather seats, no sunroofs, no frills or extras. I'm getting a car so that I am able to stay at work later. I had been getting acid reflux and stress because I have been unable to fulfill all the job that I needed to do. My personality is one that tries to do the best. And I felt that I was not doing enough in a 9 hour day. So, with the car, my work can extend to the ten to eleven hour cycle. On some days, I anticipate a 12 hour day.

I am seeking out this type of work dedication so that ten years from now, I don't have to do anything this insane. Ronald Reagan the former president of the US spent few times with his children. They hardly knew their father because their father carved a large place for himself in the fimament of the universe. He was buried yesterday with all the pomp and circumstance a deserving president deserves.

I also need a haircut. How lucky am I?

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