Monday, June 21, 2004

Touch of Class

I had to leave the car at the dealership so that they can add the car alarm and the spraying of scotch guard so that the car's paint and interior do not get that dirty. I am getting accustomed to my Accord. I had to get a rental to get to work and boy, it sure was different. The rental is a Toyota Corolla, a nice serviceable car, but without the comforts of home. The seat is too small, the radio is too weak. Thank goodness that I bought the Accord.

The SO took her parents to the Moroccan restaurant Tangier in Oakland this past Saturday. The food was excellent as usual. The meat from the chicken and the lamb was falling off the bones. The couscous was nice and grainy and really made it difficult to grab. We were eating with our hands, which is how Pin@ys in the Philippines eat most of the time. I was apprehensive about eating with my hands in public, but with food this good, forget about it. Besides, they let you wash your hands with water. After eating, you get scented water with the smell of jasmine. The after dinner event was almost as good as dinner.

There was also a belly dancer who performed during dinner. The interesting thought that came to mind is that in America, everything seems to revolve around sex. So much so that belly dancing would be seen as a vile form of entertainment in which sex is used to marionette men. In reality, there is absolute beauty in the dance. The muscular contractions which must be performed require absolute concentration and skills.

I was hoping that the SO's father would be the one to give the tip to the dancer, but guess what! They made me do it! Absolutely embarassing. I want my voyeurism to be hidden and in the shadows. Not out in the open! There was a crystal clear moment though during that dinner. Do I watch the belly dancer or do I eat the food? The SO was just chomping away happily and gleefully. Hey! She took a piece of the lamb that I wanted! Hey! She's starting to nibble on the bones! I wanted to do that!

On the back end of the weekend comes news of some relatives and friends who have developed cancer. My prayers go to their children and their loved ones. Just remember that death in its ultimate form is just another gate to another existence. Let go of the fear and show your love now that you know. There is nothing worse than carrying guilt for a lifetime.

I spent the weekend with the SO. Saturday was with the parentals. Sunday was shopping. I don't know why I got the urge. I just did. I did not buy anything too much. I just wanted to shop. I would hold things and then decide that I did not need them. I was shopping for a watch, but could not find one that I liked.

Today is the start of another week. Another day to celebrate life. Another day to say "I love you" to your loved ones. Go out there and do it.

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