Friday, June 18, 2004

Busy lives

Lately, I have been singing the blues whenever I don't see the SO or am not around her. Maybe I am becoming co-dependent. Maybe I just like hanging out with her. Maybe, there are a lot of other maybes. Sometimes, I am afraid of not being around her. Sometimes, I use her image to drive me to just keep plugging away at work. Gotta take care of my family! Gotta take care of my family!

But there are times when I look at my life and say that this is not what I envisioned it to be. But then again, I suppose it is the sinking feeling that everyday can be a grind. That it is up to you to find the beauty in the day. Beauty will not present itself to you as a magical elixir or genie. Nope, you have to work to find out why this day is worth it. Why this day is worth fighting for.

So yes, sometimes I lose direction. I just have to find it somehow. I hope you have a great weekend. Find your direction and keep on chugging.

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