Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The end of weddings

The SO and I attended the last of the series of six weddings which dated back to last year. The first was at a love chapel in Vegas. The second was at a church in Hayward. The third was in San Diego. The one in Fremont was the fourth. Ours was the fifth. And finally, the last one was this weekend. If we add there friend's weddings, well, there were two more weddings (Vegas and Oakland).

Inherently, all weddings like women are beautiful. The bride is glorious and glowing in her attire. The groom is dashing. The relatives are blasé because they have been to tens of weddings. The wedding simply becomes a place to see old family members and meet the kids.

I underestimated the time and we did not see the bride roll down the aisle. But the church looked great though a little claustrophobic. The huge stained glass windows were beautiful. I can see why people would love to go to church in the middle ages.

It will probably be quiet for a year and then, just like time, another series of weddings will commence.

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