Friday, November 04, 2005

Very Cool Gifts

Very Cool Gifts

It will be four weeks since the wedding. I have been coming down from the high of the wedding thanks to my teacher's advice on life. To wit, make sure that you have events planned from week to week and month to month so that you can relate it to your wedded life. In short, you still have to work at your married life even harder now.

Two weeks ago, we went to Macy's to finalize our gift sets. We ended up taking ten of the china plates. Although, we have never thrown a formal party, nor do I see one coming up within the next five years. Maybe those are for twenty years from now. I don't know. But the pattern we selected was nice with embossing on the plate.

We got two of the pots that we wanted. They were the All Clad stainless steel type. I have to thank my Ikea pot and say goodbye to it. I probably also have to let go of the steamer from Chinatown. When the steamer started, it was a nice light brown color. After years of use, it is now dark brown. Does food taste better in an old steamer? Someone who was very generous also got us a complete set of pots and pans. Very nice.

We also received a complete knife set. Now, when I first graduated from school, I bought a Henckel's knife set. When the SO went into the condo, she also bought a knife set. The parentals then gave her some never needs sharpening knives. So, we now have three sets of knives. We will keep some as stea knives I guess. The others might have to go to Las Vegas. But then again, they will never want for sharp knives in my house.

As for travel, I believe we have completed our wish list. We now have four Samsonite travel bags. Plus the old Samsonites that we had taken to just about everywhere, well, we are complete. We just have to select stickers for some of them. Samsonites are another one of those things from my childhood. My father bought them when he went in one of his few jaunts to the US or was it Japan?

By the way, of course, we are missing all the other gifts here. I'm just giving a summary of the ones I remember. There was cash and we thank everyone for it. I hope you had fun in the money dance. You know tha I took dance lessons for that, right? There were a lot of glass and crystal wedding photo frames. Very nice and they need to be kept in a cabinet or something.

And for the weekend, off to Monterey for a couple of days for the SO's conference. I was a good boy and was cleaning up my apartment. Now, I just need to begin moving materials.

Somewhere along here, there is supposed to be a lesson. Maybe it is that if you are generous to people, your generosity will come back tenfold. Ohh! that's it!!! I just got news that one of the SO's uncles is going to be interviewed at the law firm. For the longest time, I wanted to him to come on board. It's just getting the right fit of job. So hopefully, he does well in the interview. Then surely, generosity will come back tenfold.

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