Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Maligayang Araw ng Patay

Maligayang Araw ng Patay

Happy Day of the Dead! Actually, perhaps I should not say "Happy." I don't think you were supposed to be happy in the Philippines on this day. You were supposed to be solemn and respectful. How Pin@ys equate respect and solemn with being sad is beyond me.

As for me, we continued our packing last night Halloween night. No trick or treaters in our area because most of the area is student housing. Most of the students were probably out in the Castro.

Packing. Yup, I recycled several years of material. I don't know how to recycle bank statements though. But I have let go of some photographic magazines. Though I don't know what to do with the Playboy. I was thinking of selling them. But, that is a lot of time and energy. Garage sale maybe?

I remember when I used to get really excited that an Asian became a Playboy centerfold. It turns out that in the last year, a Japanese became one. When I saw her, she looked like the Charlie's Angel Lucy Liu.

From time to time, I would say, "It looks hopeless." But then the SO replied that if it was hopeless, we would have to throw everything out. Back to work I went packing.

The SO got to a workbook on biochemistry which was in tatters. It was in tatters because I spent all my time in that book. I learned everything about biochemistry. She said that it was time to let go. I said that someday, I was going to sit through and do all the problems again. She managed to say that "All the biochem is inside of you." And maybe she was right. At least she did not say that I was an idiot.


By the way, I am temporarily omitting the next three days of Pin@y Blog. I realized that it could be disconcertning for some people.

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