Friday, November 18, 2005

What I did last weekend?

What did I do? I think whatever it was, it must have been fun. Oh wait, now it is coming back. On saturday evening, we went to dimsum to celebrate the father-in-law's birthday. Truly awesome that he is now retired and ready to take care of dogs, cats and grandchildren.

We ended up going to the Good Guys which was bought by another conglomerate and as a result, the good guys are no more. I thought about getting some speakers and a car radio or a digital video camera, but the only ones left were the floor models. The mother-in-law on the other hand bought two handsome chairs, leather to boot.

Went to sleep until seven o'clock at which time, we went to a housewarming party. Got some pizza and shrimp cocktail for the party. couldn't eat the shrimps because of the gout. the pizza was okay. should have gotten the round freaking pizza. Played trivial pursuit and lost dramatically. acutally, we got routed. no drama there. we just did not know the material. But i learned that michael moriarty lost his position in the series law and order because he went against janet reno.

Sunday, we went to the apartment in the afternoon and packed. Dashed off to the inlaw's place to drop off boxes. Saw an uncle there making storage areas. I wanted to get him to the law firm so I asked for his resume.

Not a bad weekend.

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