Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It Was Only Two Year Ago?

Only Two years Ago?

Hmm, it seems odd. But only two years ago, I left the job at the crazy factory. I just saw my calendar last night as I was packing it. Odd. Only a year ago, I was going nuts at the photofinishing place. Now, I am enjoying life at the law firm.

It seems that the crazy factory was five years ago. It seems that the last job was three years ago. I suppose, it's all the positive things and the energy.

My teacher was telling us that inevitably, there will be a depression after the wedding. It's because of the fact that most people will have moved on. It's true. When I see people, I still ask them about their memories of the wedding. I suppose I have not come down from the high yet.

However, my teacher also told us that the cure for this depression is to plant small events throughout the year so that you can have small celebrations each month. That is a wonderful idea. It's a great idea.

Many times, people will get depressed and ask "Is that it?" Well, it will be if you just sit on your ass and not plan anything.

Many times, people ask in relationships, "I want it like when it first started. Fireworks." Well, it can't be because you actually know your partner. The fireworks came from the adrenaline.

We are addicts. Addicts to dopamine or addicts to cortisol. Dopamine for the good times. Cortisol for the bad.

If we are not happy, we would rather feel sad because in the end, it's better to feel than not to feel.

So yes, those crazy factory and photofinishing place are now in the past. I have started purging my life of those bad memories so that I can remember the good ones.

Happy Halloween!!!

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Anonymous said...

salamat sa inyong post na ito. so true.
-jo anne