Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Nora Aunor and Colonization

Willi Pascual writes of Nora Aunor the actress / politician of our times. But in his examination of Nora's allure and career, he touches upon the part of all Filipinos, that of the colonized person. It is touching to hear that in the midst of cinemas, there are photos of Germanic looking God images bleeding their heart in front of Pin@ys. It is an appropriate symbol of how far colonization seeps into the Pin@y life. And yet, there is hope in the humor of a people who manage to make light of living in the middle of a railway. Willi's blog is the Pin@y Blof of the Day for Wednesday the 16th of November in the year of the Pin@y 2005.


Air Milikay said...

colonized? hmnn but sadly, trafficking is more stupid when one gets caught like her in state of the art airport secu in lax. are we suppose to bleed our heart for her?

chris said...

nice blog. thanks for visiting mine ( just transferred since is closing down. check it out -