Monday, May 10, 2004

Banana Island in Daly City

The sister's visit continues. She and her family was nice enough to pick me up from work. We ended up eating at Banana Island which serves Singaporean food. It is Pan-Asian cuisine with mixes of Thai, Malaysian, Indian and Singapore. The utensils they give are spoon and fork which makes this Pin@y really happy.

The menu started off with the Satay chicken. Very good tender pieces of chicken skewered by bamboo sticks. The sauce that comes with it is spicy!!! Next up is a delicious yellow, thin noodle in a pot. It gets a mark lower because of the nasty mushroom that is in it. Really, must we put mushrooms in everything? Then there is the pad-thai which is slightly spicy and not so sweet. This is different from the American Thai food that I am usually gorging on. And lastly, I got the Singaporean fried rice. Very good with a mix of shrimps.

The Sunday was spent at Japantown with Mother's Day celebrated galore. Go to Umeki which is a Japanese restaurant with all you can eat seafood. The salmon was fresh. The tuna was good. I gorged on sashimi. The other food was excellent for buffet prices. Oyster were served. There was salmon with cream sauce. Crabs with spicy pepper. And sushi! Are you a sushi fiend? Just want to eat sushi forever? Go to Umeki. I paid $20 per person. Pretty good deal.

The evening was a visit to the SO's parents where they were kind enough to give a great meal and a birthday cake to my sister. Which brings me to the part that I forgot to get her a gift in Japantown where the pearls were 50% off. Maybe nezt time.

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