Monday, May 24, 2004

Congenital Worrier

I am a perfectionist so I can not help but worry about fulfilling expectations at work. I am so frustrated that my acid reflux has returned. I probably have to go to my physician to get me some anti-reflux medicine.

The last time this happened was with the post-doc. That was one experience best left uncommented upon.

So, I realize the transition to a smaller company will be hard. There will be more work. But with challenges come opportunity.

Sometimes, the fear takes hold and I am paralyzed. My Tuhan tells me that I have to move, to do something and not just hide or ignore the signs. I will try to do this. I know it is the right path. I must act.

I have expressed that perhaps I will leave my profession in ten years. People are surprised by this. But I realize that family and seeing my children grow up is something that is important. I am only on this earth on a temporary basis. I would like to know my children while they were growing up. Once they are teen-agers, I don't believe that they would want to hang out with me anymore. They will have a life. I don't want to have any regrets.

So yup, I might have to leave the profession without becoming a vice-president. Pero, yung mga direktor ay puro trabaho na lang ang ginagawa. Dose hangggang katorse oras and trabaho. Hindi para sa akin ito.

Ingat kayo kabayan!

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