Sunday, May 02, 2004

Taking advantage of Democrats

Gino's May 1st entry poses a question about the nature of blogging as compared to journalism. I personally believe that blogging is an exercise in one's ability to be heard in a democratic country. The goal is not to become famous or to be better than journalism. The goal is to get one's opinion out there. For minorities like Pin@ys, the community lacks the whallop of intelligent and precise news commentators. We substitute for the low star wattage with a bunch of unknown writers writing about important community events and matters.

As for the liberal movement, it should realize that Reagan did change the way in which journalism is handled. They should wake up, conform and get the damned White House back. I am sick of having an idiot for a president. Not only an idiot, but also one who ran away from the f*cking draft because he was daddy's baby.

Bill Maier is correct. If you want to become a president, you must have served in a war.

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