Sunday, May 02, 2004

Summoned by sequels

Here's the story of a single mother living in New York. I enjoy the photos and the thoughts of a mother living in NY. It is interesting that she sings to her child an English song. Makes me smirk at the reach of American influence. Any other immigrant mother and it would have been a lullaby in their country's language.

The Dec 26, 2003 entry discusses her NOT being date material. Funny, because I also belong to this category. We are not glamourous in appearance and prefer simple clothes and simple lives. But for some reason, we are attracted to "lookers, high maintenance" people. It is a supreme gift of the divine that I managed to avoid being pierced by a high maintenance looker. Go see her entry to see an unvarnished truth. Follow that up with her entry about "First Times" and you have the making of a blog that speaks truth. This blog is a very rare treat in this wide world of web waste (Copyright R. V. Pascual 2004).

Chi's twistedxfactor is the Pinay Blog of the Day for the 2nd of May.

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