Monday, May 10, 2004

Maganda Magazine

Maganda has been published once more. I must admit that my poems did not get in, so you can accuse me of being bitter. First things first, order by sending money (I suggest $20 because of the poets in it) to

Maganda Magazine
U.C. Berkeley
10 Eshleman Hall
Berkeley CA 94720

Of course, there are awesome writers/poets on Maganda. The fallen angel guided Eileen Tabios rides at the front with her beauty unbound. The always intriguing and forceful Elynia S. Mabanglo who should be a National Artist if those in the Philippines would get off their intellectual towers and actually recognize someone who is great. The omnipresent Barbaja Jane P. Reyes makes an unprecendented multiple appearance in all her beauteous Hispanic self! And my personal whipping boy, (Kachak! the whip cracks into the air) Virgilio S. Almario who once more tries to write about Balagtasan because he sure as hell can't lecture about it.

And there is an article on the re-evaluation of PCN by Ernesto Manacop who follows on the footsteps of Theodore Gonsalvez. Good, the other side has some writers about what happened to PCN during the "Nullification." I was afraid that they would simply lose all their good ideas.

At any rate, go buy the magazine. I am not in it, but hell, you can go to my other blog and find out what Ninoy and Apo are doing in Falujah, Washington DC and here at home where my niece burps and laughs at the ghosts of her ancestors. There are some pretty damn good people in the publication. Eileen Tabios alone is worth losing your dinner over. Add to that Ms. Mabanglo, and you really can afford to lose $20, your dinner, your movies and a whole day's meal.

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