Sunday, May 02, 2004

A Krix Goes Dancing, SF State Pin@y Students and King's Charcoal BBQ in Geary

Last night the 1st of May, the SO had a performance with Palabuniyan Kulintang Ensemble in ODC Theatre. It is always exciting to see the show in a dance cultural show. It is different to see her not be so macho with hypertestosterone. I see that side of her which is beauty walking on earth and that is another proof to the existence of god.

In the martial art halad that she performed, the SO used Krix the kris. I believe this is the first show for Krix and it showed. As I have said before, the SO usually will go in trancelike state during a halad or offering. In this halad, Krix was confused as to what he is supposed to be doing. It seemed like he was wary of the audience as the whole time, the thrusts of the sword was towards the audience. Krix was almost saying "Who are you and why are you watching me? Are you a threat?"

The PKE performance was in ODC theatre which did not sell out. It was nice to see the SF State students, but they were rather rowdy for such small groups. Yes, it is nice to see their spirit or rather hear their spirit. They kept shouting "Section 1" or "Section 2." And they kept screaming "Bahala na!" in that interminable American accent. For pity's sake, get the accent correct!

And they acted like high school children. That is probably my most interesting concern. For example, one of their names had bagoong as a counterpoint. Something like "Section 2 the Greatest High Falutin With Bagoong on the Side." But hey! Do you use "bagoong" because you think it is a funny object that smells and stinks up the place, or do you use the word because you are proud that people in the Philippines live on bagoong to survive (refer to Carlos Bulosan)?

On the plus side, the evening ended with most of the group going to King's Charcoal BBQ in Geary cross street 2nd Street in San Francisco. We ordered the menu for six which gave us all kinds side dishes along with the main meal consisting of BBQ beef, pork, spare ribs, sea food, sotanghon noodles. We added some order for BBQ chicken. Not bad for $175. The charcoal cooked food was fantastic. The side dishes needed some work as it was not as plentiful as Koryo BBQ in Berkeley. But, the bul go ki was excellent. The pork BBQ had the right mix of spice. The spare ribs was heavenly!

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