Sunday, May 23, 2004

A Life in Twenty Years

A Life in Twenty Years

Yesterday, the SO and I sat down and planned for the next twenty years. In about thirty minutes, we saw our future. I was once more amazed and fearful. Five years goes by really quickly. With the snap of one's fingers, I had a child in three years; I had two in five years; I had three in ten years. WOW!

But, as I wrote before, it is necessary for me to have a rough idea where I am going towards. Otherwise, I get distracted really easily. Perhaps, I have some disappointment that I can not do some of the things I want to do earlier. But hey, who knows? I have heard that one of the SO's uncles might want to fix up houses. Maybe we can get into that and buy houses and then have him fix it up so that we can later flip the house.

A cousin of mine texted me from the Philippines and I was surprised! Hi Manang P! I am always excited at reopening lines of communication. It lets me glimpse my past and my parent's past which I do not know as much.

Today is a gift and I will enjoy it as much as possible. Though work is stressful, I will adjust because it is only a temporary moment in my life.

Take care you all and have a good week with your family.

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