Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Anal Retentive Me Comes Out

Have you ever dealt with someone who tries to look like they know what they are doing, but they really are just bullshitting? Have you ever wanted to slowly crush their logic so that they can see for themself just how silly they are? Well, Andrew Carnegie suggests not to do this. But that is with reasonable people. With dumb people who also are lazy, forget it.

The facility tech came into the photofinishing lab carrying a thermometer. He suddenly twirled the thermometer. Since we are a serious organization, there are rules. I asked why he is doing what he is doing. I have never seen it in a SOP. He says that this is a normal way to treat a thermometer which has had the dye separate. I tell him that if the dye has separated, the thermometer is broken.

He then proceeds to tell me that it is "normal" for dye thermometers to separate. I suggest that he obtain some other thermometer because separated columns in dye thermometers are broken. He says that shipping the thermometers separates the dye. I said "Moving thermometers separates the dye?" He says it is normal.

I suggest he return said thermometer. He says that the company will send him the same type. I ask, "Did you send it back, and did they send you the same one?" He answers "No." He says that "I fixed the thermometer yesterday. It just separated today when I carried it here."

So now I point out that if he "fixed" it yesterday, it should remain fixed. He says that "You are not supposed to carry the thermometer." I then point out that "You have to carry a thermometer, whether it be from one site to another." I then suggest that he get a new thermometer.

As he leaves, he says "I will consider what you have to say." I say "No, don't consider what I say. I am telling you that I don't want that thermometer. I am suggesting that you get another type of thermometer. Now, you are free to bring that broken thermometer to the store. But, if you do, and people's pictures start disappearing because of incorrect temperature, then I will not be happy. If I am not happy, then I will write a report saying why I am not happy. Then, whoever bought the thermometer will not be happy."

Ahh, to work with competent people. How the hell do you do that? Where can I find them?

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