Tuesday, March 01, 2005

La Times and the Oscars

I have always been partial to this newspaper. It was the first one I read when I got to America. I remember that I needed to understand America, to smell the scent, to suck the marrow of America. Get it from the LA Times. I learned about gangs, corruption, fires, death, massacres, the Lakers, Dodgers and Angels. I learned about brutality, death, fear, anguish and hope in its pages. And for nearly as long it still shows what America is up to.

The coverage of the LA Times of Jamie Foxx's Oscar win shows how far we have gone in our race relations. Yes, they write up about Fox's wins. And they also write up about his excesses. I wonder how they wrote it up when a white person wins. Let's say Russel Crowe. Do they mention that he divorced his wife for a fling with Meg Ryan? How about that producer from the Titanic? Do they mention that he left his wife?

How about comparing the write-up for Morgan Freeman and Cate Blanchett?

I always laugh because of the irony. Yes, blacks can win the Oscars. But now, we take the slightly nastier bit of tearing them down in the newspaper columns.

Who says that America is equal?

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