Saturday, March 12, 2005

Tagalog in the movie Constantine

The following was found in my comments section. I don't agree with this person's point of view, but at least he took the time to write a point of view. This is something sorely lacking in soc.culture.filipino. But that is an aside.

Dear Follow Blogger,
Greetings of Peace! You may call me RAZC. I have terrible news for all of you. Once again, Our Country is put to shame. If you have not watched Constantine starring Keanu Reeves and released by Warner bros picture company. Please do so.
At the beginning of the film, where Reeves makes his appearance, you will see a girl being possessed by a Demon. As the Reeve’s character (John Constantine), tries to exorcise the girl she says the words “papatayin natin sila” or papatayin natin silang lahat.”
In other words it’s like saying that the Filipino Language is that of the Devil’s. I was offended so much by that scene tat it ruined the entire movie for me. I wrote a Blog about it. Although I wrote it in a violent way, please forgive me, I wish you would take time to react about it and write something on your pages. Spreading things like this would eventually raise consciousness that as a race we have been once again maligned in a dastardly way.
Help me. This is a sta...

I can see this several ways:

1. Logical fallacy. If the girl used English, then it follows that English is the devil's language.

2. Well, at least they are using a real language in the movie.

3. Was the girl Pin@y? Score for us if she is.

4. I was more offended by the Frasier show where the mail order bride came from the Philippines. But in each comedy, there is pain because of the small grain of truth.

5. I hope someone can make money from this.

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