Thursday, March 24, 2005

This is why America should lead the world

The latest news is that a brain dead person in a vegetative state is being fought over by the families. The husband wants to end her life by withdrawing nasal feeding. The parents want her alive because she is their daughter.

The past weekend, the Congress of the US with Republicans and Democrats approved a petition where the federal courts should rule. Mind you, the case has been going through the Florida state courts. The husband thought he had finally won through the state court when the Florida courts sided with him. But, in America, you can never be too sure. There are appeals upon appeals upon appeals.

And so, in America, we come to a situation where we kill people who are criminals. But we also want complete vegetables who don't have personalities or the ability to eat to live as long as possible.

I believe that everyone in America should take science courses in high school because our state of medicine is getting to the point where people need to know about vegetative state, physiology, cancer and other diseases. It is IGNORANCE that kills. And in my time, ignorance seems to grow in America in abundance.

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