Thursday, March 17, 2005

Surprise, Surprise

So I have been getting some signs lately that my time at the photofinishing place is coming to an end. You know, stuff like the company letting indispensable cogs go. Not just indispensable, but really really important people who help run the place.

And the great hiatus is ended. My boss is coming back to the fore and going psychotic again. You know the deal, he goes nuts over the details. Wants to know the smallest things. Drives me up the wall.

And today, we hired back someone who left the company. Not only that, we hire them back as a manager. This person was so bad that she managed to develop film by opening the film canisters in broad daylight. Yup, she opened them right up. And she wondered why there were no images. Oh, and did I mention that she said that the job at the photofinishing place were jobs for those who have no future? Bwahahhaha. Yup, we hired them back as a manager.

That is a sign. A sure sign. I think I will be hanging the shingle at a different place. If it weren't for a friend, I sure as heck would have left the door today. He said that there are still lessons for me to learn; chemicals to mix; colors to subtract.

Today was a four. I finished a report, but received not so great news.

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