Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sacramento Road Trip

As we were driving to Sacramento, the SO and I were talking. It was amazing actually. We were talking for nearly 1 hour and thirty minutes on the drive over. We talked about the poets Nick Carbo, Patrick Rosal, and Luis Francia. I askeed what poems they read and how the event went on Friday evening. The SO relayed the degree of separation of peole. For example, how a friend of Patrick's is also the same cousin of the poet Anthem Salgado.

We spoke about Kali. How Kali allows people to see beyond the current reality into the future. How the SO is seeing something great in the future. How another student is chatting with her and says the same thing. And how a second student joins the chat and writes about how she is feeling that something big will happen.

You must understand, when I see the SO execute Kali, I see it not as a sport but as truth in life. It is life and death. It is beautiful, yes. The movements are fluid. But those very same fluid movements deal death to a person. The SO reveals that she understood why Kali developed to be such a lethal art as she was standing in Camiguin in the Philippines. The weather was so hot that it sapped the energy from her body. That is why the masters wanted to be able to kill in one strike. So that they can go on with their lives.

We spoke about how people have to leave old friends that they have outgrown. I realized that I had done this naturally. Whenever someone offended me, out he or she went with the trash. I thought that I was so mean and nasty whenever I did this. In truth, I was setting myself free. Only when I tried to hold onto women did I ever have very difficult moments in my life. I thought that the women were too precious for me to leave. I wanted to be with them forever. In some ways, their cups were not large enough for my soul.

When I finally let go of the women I was so desperately trying to hold onto, that is the moment when I found not one, but a multitude of women who could hold my soul. One of them is the SO. The others are friends who have seen me grow and expand my horizon.

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