Monday, March 14, 2005

Surrendering to Capitalism

Over the weekend, I suggested to the SO that perhaps it is time to get a DSL service to her place. I figured that with the wedding coming this year, our lives would be a lot easier if we began transitioning our lives together. I have also began transferring some of my bills to her place.

But, we had to make a choice as to the provider of said DSL. Did we want cable to go with that? Frankly, I have had bad experience with cable. During the times when I did have it, I would spend countless hours watching television. And I end up with nothing to show for it. After some discussion, we nixed the idea of comcast as a provider.

I thought about using my current service, but their offer was $80 per month for DSL. Sorry, but that value was trumped by earthlink service which offered $20 / month for the first six months and $30 thereafter. So yes, we will be surrendering to corporate DSL in the hope that our connections will be faster.

The other choice that was up in the air was whether or not we allow our neighbors to gain access to the broadband. I have been using some of my neighbor's broadband, but lately, they have started requesting for passwords. I had hoped to allow the neighbors some leeway in accessing the service. Part of it was payment for all the broadband that I used to use. We'll see.

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