Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Kobe's Back!!!

Notwithstanding the fact that Kobe could not carry the Lakers this season, I still have some sort of hope that he will in the future. Apparently, so does Nike because they showed an ad using his image.

A women's advocacy group saw the use of the ad in a less than flattering way:

"We would ask corporations like Nike to act a little more responsibly," said Cynthia Stone, spokeswoman for the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault. "They really are creating a role model that millions of young kids across the world are going to see. They could have put up someone who is not only accomplished as an athlete but also is a person who has a reputation as a fine, upstanding citizen." {La Times Sports, July 14, "He's Back in the Picture"}

Bwhahahahahha. I am going to assume that the women's group is a little annoyed at Kobe earning big bucks. They should be pissed off at the fact that Kobe's trial was thrown out because his accuser did not want to participate in the proceedings.

This is America. You have to fight and claw and bite for every single thing that you want. You accuse this star player of raping you. Well, then, you gotta take out every living cell of shame and implode them because you are going to have to face him in a court of law. That is one of the true essences of America. You can't hide and play dead and ruin someone's life. You gotta fight them to their face. At least in the court of law, you have some chance, unlike in some other countries.

So yeah, Kobe, you better get your money now. Because if you are so stupid as to get caught screwing another woman without having them sign a non-disclosure agreement, you just an idiot.

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