Monday, July 18, 2005


Well, it started off right. I had been obsessing over this problem on Friday afternoon so instead of just going to Costco or Ikea, I took the SO to an Indian restaurant called Khana Peena. As with all things, change is in the restaurant also. The restaurant used to have about 5-6 Souteast Indians working. Now, there are about three with three more Hispanics working as busboys. It's the power of economics. I hope some of the previous people who worked there now have better jobs elsewhere.

We end up the night buying some clear plastic storage containers for my photobooks and negatives. I'm starting to begin the migration of my stuff to the SO's place. First up are negatives and photo things.

Saturday was busy. We went to complete opposite directions. In the morning/noon, off to Ware Designs to see the reconditioned ring of the SO which came from her grandmother. The original stone was synthetic. We had it replaced with a real topaz. Several months ago, we had gone there and found some matching topaz earrings. It's nice to buy the SO some jewelry. She usually does not buy them. Well, not to the extent that I thought women bought jewelry.

Lunch on Saturday was at Bo's BBQ in Lafayette. I had previously written about them. I wonder if they boil their ribs. Probably not. It was soft and good. The sauce is not too spicy. Perfect for those of us who did not grow up in the South.

Then off to Vallejo. and let me tell you, it was great to travel to Vallejo at 1PM rather than 4PM. The freeway was still moving at 1PM. We went to Barong & Formal at 3495-D Sonoma Blvd in Vallejo CA (707) 556-3680 to get my Barong Tagalog. It was a little tight. But I guess they are supposed to be tight. Otherwise, it probably does not look too good. But the embroidery was nice. I wonder if I will be able to fit in it after twenty years. The thing took a while to make. I'm gonna try to wear it with a blue undershirt. That should set it off a little more.

Saturday afternoon and eveing was spent with the sister's family. Hadn't seen them since two weeks ago and 4th of July. Had to give them the food from the So's brother's party. We ended up eating at Fenton's Ice creamery and at a Vietnamese restaurant. Good evening and good chatting. The little niece was vvery nice and laughing all the time.

Sunday was Tubig the money group. A review of things in the past that need to be ingrained. I feel bad in that I am not saving as much as in the previous years. I sometimes worry that we spend too much for the wedding. The costs just seem to go up. But then again, we do have some money to spend. I am not going to a bank to bankroll the whole thing. It is a reasonable amount given that we ahve been working a while.

We are not paying for the foo-foo stuff like the chair covers and such novelty. We paid for the things that mattered. Photography, the wedding dress, the rings. The hotel is an unavoidable cost. But for approximately 300 guests that might swell to 400, it is not too bad. I just hope everyone gets a good time.

Sunday evening, dropped by one fo the So's cousins. She's a bridesmaid so the swatch for her dress was dropped off. The other cousin is starting at Cal State Hayward. She's the bright one though she took a while at city college. I went over the schedule for her so that she could finish her BS in biology. I'm sure she will make it. But she is rather impatient. She wants to help the family now. I keep telling her. YOu can help them out more if you make more money.

Is life better today than when I was at the photofinishing place? Yup. It's a lot better. I am not as bitter. I am not as stressed. I have some social life. I can find time for the wedding stuff.

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