Sunday, July 17, 2005

Second Month at Work

Have I told you how much better work at the law firm has been than the photofinishing place? Well, it has been great. Maybe twenty times better. Let me enumerate:

1. Less stress about dumb things. Now, instead of worrying to perfect every single thing, I just look at problems and say, "Hmm, I have to write a report on that."
2. Instead of having to solve everyone else's problems, I look at the problems I have and try to solve them.
3. Instead of having to complain about another department, I don't complain about other departments because everyone is at least doing something.
4. Instead of complaining about head count, I look and notice that at least people don't have three or four jobs.
5. Instead of being alone at the end of the day, other people are there waiting with me.
6. People complain of how inefficient or bad the product is. I laugh at them because I have seen really bad product and really lazy people fake it.
7. I have seen dumb suck-ass people get promoted. In the law firm, you have to be really good to become a freaking manager. To become a director, you have to be a visionary.
8. Matching 401K.
9. I get to buy stock at a 15% discount.
10. My boss does not micromanage me.
11. The other people I work with actually are proactive.
12. Other people are better than me and they actually help me out.

Holy cow, that is a great job! Sure there are challenges, but these challenges are workable. We actually have some people for some jobs. It's not that some people are faking their job and everyone but the VP is being fooled.

It's a 9. That's right, a NINE.

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