Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Paris in 2006

The continuation of the honeymoon is set for Paris in 2006. But today, I just heard that London was chosen as the site for the Olympics in 2012. I wondered why Paris has such bad press. But I remember what I saw in the movie "Troy" and in the book "Iliad" by Homer. Paris is the doofus who whisked Helen away. In doing so, it started the Trojan War. Well, really, it precipitated the war. The war is more likely a result because someone wanted to unify the Greek isles.

But back to Paris. In the movie, he fights one on one and loses. He crawls to his brother's foot. Hector protects him. But in the war, Hector dies from Achilles's hands. And Paris, Paris shoots Achilles with an arrow through the heel.

Of course, my other complaint is that all those Greeks sure do look like beautiful Caucasians. I wonder... If Hollywood created a movie about Marcos, would they get a white person to star in it?

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