Sunday, July 24, 2005

Target, target, target star

Seven months ago, a friend had promised that my birthday gift is going to be a day at the gun range. This past Saturday, we managed to focus and were able to go to Jackson Arms in South San Francisco. It is rather difficult to find, but well worth it.

We were at first apprehensive because we were supposed to show that we knew how to disassemble semi-automatic handguns. Well, considering that we had not ever fired semi-automatic weapons, it was not a good sign. All of the classes were full so we could not have taken a class that day. It's a good thing that I mentioned that I had shot a Ruger Blackhawk handgun. It turns out that we could shoot with revolvers because theey were easier and safer.

The SO also joined us for the gun practice. We got some nice orange targets which let us see where the shots landed on the target. Very nice. I started out with some shots that landed on the right side of the target. In the troubleshooting,I realize that I probably was pulling the gun to the right. I then remembered that if the gun was cocked, it was easier to shoot. Well, guess what! It worked. It actually was easier to hit the center mass when I cocked the gun!

Also, I managed to figure out that my right eye is my natural shooting eye. Use the left eye and the bullet goes everywhere else excpet the target. It ended up that I managed to begin hitting the center of mass. I just had to remember that I had to hold the gun steady.

When the SO began shooting, she managed to start hitting the center of mass immediately. Talk about a ringer! She ketp shooting and placing the bullets in the middle of the target. It was awe-inspiring and disturbing at the same time. She was so good that it almost made me feel incompetent. But then again, she is a martial artist teacher. She says that you just have to concentrate and you will be touching the target. Well, it works for her but I have a lot more to travel through before it works.

I guess I didn't realize just how much fun shooting guns can be. Yooohooo!!! It's fun. And I thought I was going to be one of those gun control freaks. It turns out that I'm just a brown redneck!!!


Check out the Smith & Wesson Model 10 or the Model 386 or the Model 64.

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