Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sean Penn, Take Heed

Apparently, Tom Cruise has crossed the line so much with his unshaven, without make-up look of craziness that someone in the upper heavens has sent me a message. Sean Penn, Go to Tom Cruise and tell him that he needs to hire a publicist, stop talking about his religion in public and start making good movies again.

I actually dreamt about talking to Sean Penn and convincing him that he must speak to Cruise who is on the way to oblivion or a sanctuary. I actually told Penn "Who is there left who is a better actor than Cruise? Who understands the nastiness of fame? Who but you Sean?"

Jesus Christ! Is it not enough that I have to worry about Filipino-Americans and their state of mind? Do I have to worry about f*cking crazy-ass white actors who just want to say something about Scientology? Shit, why can't Cruise be more like Travolta?

Alright, alright, what do I do now when other crazy ass actors and actresses call me? God knows, sometimes, I can't help their bad acting or their bad scripts.

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