Friday, July 08, 2005

London and Terrorism

Forgiveness is something that I struggle to do. In every single aspect of my life. I have tried to forgive people over betrayal. I say that I forgive them. But a few months later, I remember what they did, and I realize that I have not forgiven them completely.

But, as Joel Osteen says, if you can not forgive, you can not go on with your life. You must forgive so that God can take his vengeance in his own way and his own time. If you take vengeance, you will be the one who is blocking God.

And so, in an abstract fashion, I forgive the terrorists in London and in New York. In a very abstract sense, I try to understand that they do it because they see no other option. But in a very personal level, I wish that they will relive over and over in their minds a life of someone who is seriously injured in the terrorist attack.

It's just a suggestion God. A suggestion so that I can live and forgive.

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