Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Several days ago, it was the SO's birthday. All I can say is NERDS. Why? Because her brother scoured the whole of the Bay Area to find a copy of the Risk game the Lord of the Rings Trilogy version. Then, as soon as we came in to the party, we ended up playing the game. I had to play as the third player so that it would be more fun. Now personally, when I play games, I get obnoxiously competitive. I try not to let this side of moi come out too often.

Anyways, since her brother had already played the game once, we were on the defensive. So, I formed an alliance with the other bad guy to beat the elves. DAmned elves, they don't laugh in the movie when the city of Gondor is under attack and heads are sent up via catapult. Heheheh. The strategy of not letting someone who knows more than others win. Hihihih.

The SO ended up cooking aruskaldo although it had too much rice and not enough water for my taste. And of course, the SO asked me if it needed more patis. Well, yes, but since we are all older now, leave it to each person to add the patis. Besides, there was so much chicken drumstick that once you ate the chicken, the taste was pretty good. There was also some moulting spices present so we ended up moulting some cheap burgundy wine. Wow, add some sugar and cinnamon to shitty wine and you get pretty good tasting wine.

Another activity to do was Texas hold-them, a poker game. It turns out that I do well with five card draw, but with texas hold them, I am too impatient. For those not in the know, Tex plays the following way: you get two cards. Bet. Three community cards are dealt (called the flop). Bet. The bend is the fourth community card. Bet. The River is the fifth community card. The game allows mediocre players a chance to win because the increase in number of cards increases the chances for flushes, three of a kind and other combinations. I was used to calculating odds according to the five card stud and five card draw.

The great deal for the whole thing was that I finally got to use poker chips which I purchased about 14 years ago. I had this image of building friendships based on poker night. Unfortunately, I hanged out with people who were not interested in poker. Talk about hanging out with uncool folks. Actually, I take that back. The grad school folks were pretty cool. We usually played a card game called Queens.

Oh, the evening ended with us watching the LOTR, extended version.

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