Sunday, December 14, 2003

Republican lie unfolds after death

The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is that when Republicans lie, their lies are not revealed till they die. Word comes out that former Senator Strom Thurmond a former segregationist has a daugther of mixed race.

Well how about that? The segregationist had jungle fever. What a fucking hypocrite. I can see it now. Strom is being judged by God...

(fade out to darkness, with one spotlight)
Strom: I hate black people. But, given a chance, I'll fuck them.... No God, I believe I was very fair with the blacks.... I spent half my life hating them and the other half fucking them.... Oh you want me to go to the light? Well, it is kinda warm over there and my arthritis is acting up. If you say so God.
(fade out to darkness)

And there should be a place somewhere in God's universe for people like Strom. Strom, you old devil you. From now on, I'll always laugh when I see your stuff. You old hypocrite you.

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