Monday, December 08, 2003

Drugs over the internet

In Good Morning America, there was a feature on drug buying over the internet. The main protagonist is a teen who died from an overdose of prescription drugs like morphine, etc. The owner of the internet prescription drugstore is going to jail.

Everyone knows that is is quite easy to get drugs over the internet. Take a questionarre and answer it over a webform. A physician will "review" it. And, voila the drugs are shipped to you. Businesses are doing over $3 million dollars per year. A reviewer physician can make over a million dollars.

Regulations are needed for businesses like these. You are essentially self-prescribing your own medication for viagra, uppers and downers.

I have to wonder about the teen-ager who was able to order drugs online though. Do kids now have their own credit cards that they are able to use it online? If the kid is living at your home, should you not talk to them to see if they have problems. I get confused by all these parents who don't know that their kids are doing drugs. Maybe talking to them once a day or once every day or so should be mandatory.

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