Friday, December 12, 2003

The Corpse is Buried, Long Live The Chatelain

A shyatellain? Siyatelayn? Siya, sino siya? Ano nga ba? Ang kulit naman.

Chatelain. Nope, not a chattel. She's not a piece of personal property nor is she a real estate property. She's something more than that.

The wine connossieur (I acutally spelled it correctly) evolved into a corpse with delusions of fallen angels. Now the corpse has been resurrected into a chatelain with two cats and a dog.

Hmm, adobo anyone?

Go visit her. She spent way too much time in a place with fallen angles, err angels. She needs our help so weigh her down with all of your worries. Watch out for the wings! I think it's gotten bigger.

God, I missed her. It was so SILENT!!! I had to walk in my own head. But it is over! I have been delivered ala Federal Express!!! And to a castle none the less!

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