Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Miserable Failure

With the capture of Saddam Hussein, a miserable failure can be re-elected to the highest office in the US of A. Alleluiah! Huzzah! Mabuhay!

The eventual re-election of Bush the Younger will be a string of hope for those Pin@ys contemplating the eventual presidency of FPJ in the Philippines. Look, if America can go on and prosper with a miserable failure at its helm, so can the Philippines. Hell, Clinton was a brainiac and he let the Republicans run all over him. Trust in idiots to guide your country. They will do a better job because people can't afford but take pity on them.

Now, the question will be who's going to run for the presidency on 2008? In America? In the Philippines, I'm going for Kris Aquino or her partner Korina Sanchez.

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