Thursday, December 11, 2003

Katuluyan ni Rio Alma

If you thought that my mention of Virgilio Almario was over, you guessed wrong. While dyipniing, I saw this essay by Gellacio Guillermo. I hope that your Tagalog is in great shape. Otherwise, bring out that dictionary.

Tungkol sa may-akda: Dumaan din si G. Guillermo sa International
Writers Program sa Iowa University, 1970-71. Kinatawan niya ang
Pilipinas sa 27th Poetry International Festival sa Rotterdam,
Holland, 1996.

I am fascinated by the state of poetry in the Philippines. I am wondering how the mechanics of poetry in the Philippines occurs. If anyone would like to tell me how Tagalog poetry is divided into certain movement, please write me on e-mail.


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