Friday, March 19, 2004

Dinner Last Night

Met up with two friends from a former company and had dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant. The food was excellent. I ordered a Mediterranean platter which came with samplings of every dish in the house. The potato salad was interesting because of the mixed in chunks of onions, but it was very good. The onion did not overpower the taste.

The conversation turned to work and how things are. It is amazing how temporary one's current situation is. I thought then that everything was about work. I realize now that you earn money so that you can take care of your family.

Did you, dear reader, take my advice and speak to your parents about something? Did you tell them how much you loved them or cared for them? If not, you have the whole weekend to do so. Believe me, it is easier to do this when they are alive than when they are ghosts. Not to say that you can not talk to dead people. You just look up or down and say hi-hello-hi-hi!

Have a great weekend.

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